City Government of Williamsburg, Kansas

General Information

The City of Williamsburg, Kansas was established in 1869, and became a home rule community in the 1970's.  With a five person City Council, and elected Mayor, the City of Williamsburg is a third class city in Franklin County, Kansas.  The City of Williamsburg operates 9 departments.  All departments are under the direction of the Mayor with the exception of the Williamsburg Community Library which operates by Board of Trustees appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.

City Council Information

The City Council is elected, and each council person is elected for a duration of a four year term.  The terms are staggered, and elections are held in April.  The Mayor is also elected for a four year term and is responsible for overseeing the direction of the city.

Current City Government

Jon Horne - Mayor (Term Expires January, 2020)
Dennis Norton - Council Member (Term Expires January, 2018)
Ralph Stover - Council Member (Term Expires January, 2018)
Shiela Worden - Council Member (Term Expires January, 2018)
Carolyn Rhodes - Council Member (Term Expires January, 2020)
Sam Tipton - Council Member (Term Expires January, 2020)