Code Enforcement

The City of Williamsburg, Kansas enforces all ordiances and regulations through our Code Enforcement Department.  The City has one part time Code Enforcement Officer that is responsible for overseeing that all ordiances and regulations are enforced fairly and accurately.  It is the duty of the Code Enforcement Officer to address issues that pertain to Health Nusiances, Junk Motor Vehicles, Unsafe Structures, or Animal Nusiances.

Law Enforcement Service provided by Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

The City of Williamsburg Code Enforcement Department is located at the Williamsburg City Hall, 123 West William, Williamsburg, Kansas 66095.

Code Enforcement Officer

785-746-5578 - Telephone
785-746-5578 - Fax
Complaints submitted via the online Anonymous Complaint Form do not reveal senders name, e-mail address or any other personal information. Again, if you would like to include your contact information you may do so, but it is not required.

Report a Concern or Nuisance

Use the Fix It Form to report a codes enforcement or nuisance concern to the City. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can thoroughly investigate the situation.