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Utilities in Williamsburg

Utility Forms

Online Bill Pay

The City of Williamsburg now accepts online payments for Water, Sewer, Trash. 

Our current Service Fee rates are $3.00 minimum or 2.45% whichever is greater for all credit cards. For eCheck transactions it is a flat $1.50 per transaction no matter what the amount is. (eCheck is available for Online processing only, No OTC Over the Counter transactions.

Please call the office at 785-746-5578 to inquire about the amount owed. 

To Pay Your Utility Bill click here.​

Payments made by credit/debit/e-check will not be posted to your account until funds are received by the City.  This may take up to 4 business days.

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The City of Williamsburg provides water and sewer service.  The City also contracts with an independent provider for sanitation services. The City also participates once a year in holding a city wide cleanup.​

Setting up Utilities
To set up utilities, you will need to visit City Hall, located on the corner of William and Center Street at 123 W. William.  The City of Williamsburg requires a $ 200.00 deposit if you are renting before utilities will be connected for service.  

When moving out of town or to a new Williamsburg residence the deposit will become accessible to you.  Upon request it will be transferred to your new residence or be applied to your final bill upon departure from the City of  Williamsburg.  The City of Williamsburg reserves the right as stated in our Utility Ordinance that a deposit will be returned after 30 days of departure from the City.  Please make sure you provide us with a forwarding address.

Utilities Rates
Residents whose dwelling is located within the corporate limits of the City of Williamsburg, Kansas:

Water: $15.50 monthly access fee plus $.75 per 100 gallons of usage
Sewer: $45.00 per month
Sanitation: $16.00 per month. 
Polycarts: $6.00 per month

Residents whose dwelling is located outside of the corporate limits of the City of Williamsburg, Kansas:

Water: $20.50 monthly access fee plus $.90 per 100 gallons of usage.

For questions in regards to setting up utility services please contact the City Clerk at 785-746-5578 or email


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