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Williamsburg, in the southwest part of Franklin County along Old Hwy 50 and I-35 with a population of 397 was established as a railroad town in 1868.  William Schofield and James F. Dane platted the town, and Schofield promoted a railroad, the Kansas City, Burlington, and Santa Fe, which ran down from Ottawa.  The Dan Fogle fmaily, who arrived in 1869, were important citizens, operating a general store and involving themselve in other local industries, such as coal mining.  At one time the Williamsburg Coal Company had a capacity of 25-30 tons of high grade coal a day which was marketed daily to consumers within a 20 to 50 miles radius.  There are several interesting homes and churches to veiw within the area.  In recent years, a barbeque resturant, Guy & Mae's Tavern, has brought state and regional recognition to the community.  Southwest of Williamsburg stood Silkville, a silk ribbon producing commune founded by Earnest Valeton de Boissiere, a wealthy native of Bordeaux, France.  Mulberry trees, planted to feed the silkworms, can still be seen.
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Williamsburg receives a Community Development Block Grant

The Kansas Department of Commerce has announced that 49 Kansas communities will share a total of $13,049,583 in federal grants for residential handicapped accessibility modifications, micro-loans, park and sidewalk improvements, and the construction of storm shelters through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

“The CDBG program provides vital support to rural areas of our state,” said Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George. “Small and rural communities grow our economy and enhance the quality of life in Kansas, so it is important that we support their needs. CDBG funding helps provide deserving communities with the resources to undertake critical projects.”

The CDBG program provides federal funds to local governments for the development of viable communities by addressing their housing, public facilities and economic development needs. To be awarded funds, local government units must meet at least one of three program objectives: benefit low and moderate-income persons, prevent or eliminate slums and blight, or resolve an urgent need when local resources are not available.

CDBG funds are one of the Department’s primary tools in supporting the state’s small, predominantly rural communities. The Department has distributed more than $450 million in CDBG funding in the last decade.

Williamsburg will make sidewalk improvements. The City will receive $250,000 in grant funds in which the city will contribute $25,800 in matching funds.

For complete details visit the article here.

2014 Consumer Confidence Water Report

The 2014 Consumer Confidence Water Report is now available here.  If you would like to request a paper copy of the report you may contact Williamsburg City Hall at 785-746-5578