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Public Notices

The City Council as has passed Ordinance 470 amending Ordinance No. 411,
An Ordinance adopting the International Building Code, 2000 Edition for the
City of Williamsburg, Kansas Amending Section J and O of said Ordinance

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Williamsburg, in the southwest part of Franklin County along Old Hwy 50 and I-35 with a population of 397 was established as a railroad town in 1868.  William Schofield and James F. Dane platted the town, and Schofield promoted a railroad, the Kansas City, Burlington, and Santa Fe, which ran down from Ottawa.  The Dan Fogle fmaily, who arrived in 1869, were important citizens, operating a general store and involving themselve in other local industries, such as coal mining.  At one time the Williamsburg Coal Company had a capacity of 25-30 tons of high grade coal a day which was marketed daily to consumers within a 20 to 50 miles radius.  There are several interesting homes and churches to veiw within the area.  In recent years, a barbeque resturant, Guy & Mae's Tavern, has brought state and regional recognition to the community.  Southwest of Williamsburg stood Silkville, a silk ribbon producing commune founded by Earnest Valeton de Boissiere, a wealthy native of Bordeaux, France.  Mulberry trees, planted to feed the silkworms, can still be seen.
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News and Events

Jayhawker Days 2015 Vendor Application

Applications are being accepted now for Vendors for the 2015 Jayhawker Days.  Vendors can register by filling out the online registration form or find it located under the Jayhawker Day 2015 at the top of the homepage.

Chicken Noodle Dinner

The Jayhawk Booster Club will be hosting a Chicken Noodle Dinner on April 18, 2015 at the Williamsburg Community Building  Dinner begins at 5:00 p.m.

All proceeds help support Jayhawker Days and other Community Events.  

Family Day at Prairie Star Ranch

Join us at Prairie Star Ranch on April 19th, 2015 for a day of fun, fellowship, and families. Have an adventure with your family or friends and enjoy the many activities that Prairie Star has to offer for only $5 per person when you pre-register!

Email : 
Telephone: 785-746-5693