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City of Williamsburg Ordinances


Ordinance Summary Publication Requirements

Effective July 1, 2012, Kansas municipalities were granted authority to publish summaries of ordinances in their official newspapers instead of publishing ordinances in their entirety, provided certain requirements are met.
Per HB 2166, a certified summary of an ordinance is to be published in the official newspaper following its adoption by the Governing Body, but prior to its effective date. The summary must be certified by the City Attorney that it is legally accurate and sufficient. The summary must also contain the website where the public will be able to access a copy of the original ordinance for a minimum of one week following publication of the summary. The summary must also state whether the ordinance is subject to a protest petition. Charter ordinances may not be published in summary form.
The City of Williamsburg will post all new ordinances and resolutions on this section of the City's website for public viewing. Copies of original ordinances published in summary form will be provided to the public at no charge; resolutions and ordinances not published in summary form are subject to charge.  Copies of original ordinances or resolutions are available during business hours at City Hall located at 123 West William, Williamsburg, Kansas 66095.
The City of Williamsburg must annually designate its official newspaper for publication purposes; the Ottawa Herald is designated the official newspaper of the City of Williamsburg.

All City of Williamsburg Ordinances can be found by clicking here.

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